uw tea lights

Editor’s Notes :
These soothing tealights are hand poured in New Zealand in small batches using biodegradable soy wax - a completely natural vegetable wax made from a renewable source. They are scented with natural or naturally derived oil fragrances and are free from paraffins, toxic chemicals and unnatural additives. We use only pure cotton paper braided wicks which are lead and zinc free.
The designer bags are 100% recyclable and contain 6 tealights with long, blissful burn times.
Choose from three unique aromas to relax, rejuvenate or uplift.
Rejuvenate the mind, body and soul with the musky aroma of freshly picked coriander, black pepper, patchouli and cedar.
Calm and relax the mind, body and soul with the delicious floral scent of ripened nectarines with notes of plum and a hint of sweet honey.
Boost your spirit and energise the mind with the fresh citrus fragrance of limes blended with peppery basil, sweet orange and a hint of white thyme.

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uw tea lights
  • uw tea lights

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