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Our Mission

To play a leading role in the creation of a world where each individual's full potential is realised while assisting the planet to sustain its ability to support current and future generations.

About Us

The Untouched World™ Charitable Trust (UWCT), funded by Untouched World, was established in 2000, after two years of research into how we could make the most difference beyond the reach of the business, with profits made from the business activity.

The work of the UWCT is focused on delivering ground breaking “Leadership for a Sustainable Future” programmes across New Zealand. Our programmes facilitate and profoundly inspire young New Zealander’s (16-30 years), to gain greater awareness of their own untapped and unrealised potential. Gaining an understanding of the interrelationship and interconnectedness of all things, and developing practical action competence to make a difference in their lives, we are proud to play a role in preparing young leaders in global competence who will then go on to have a global impact.

All of the Untouched World™ Charitable Trust programmes are focused on addressing key concepts: 

  1. Building awareness within each student of their own potential, their real capability, developed through the rigour, multifaceted challenge and leadership opportunities within the programmes.

  2. How to work cooperatively, collaboratively and in a cross-cultural context.

  3. Building awareness of the interconnectedness of all actions and inactions in a way that leads to leadership and action competence for a sustainable future.

Click here for indepth details about our programmes.

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