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In December 2008, Peri Drysdale travelled to Hong Kong to attend the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Asia 2008 Meeting, attended by 400 government, business, NGO leaders and philanthropists, personally invited by President Clinton. The CGI reflects President Clinton's belief that governments need collaboration from the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and other global leaders to effectively confront the world’s most pressing problems.

In 2005, President Clinton established CGI to turn ideas into action and to help our world move beyond the current state of globalization to a more integrated global community of shared benefits, responsibilities, and values.

Commitments to action

To fulfill the action-oriented mission of CGI, all members devise practical solutions to global issues through the development of specific and measurable Commitments to Action. Prior to attending we had committed to working with the CGI to build into our programmes a focus on water as a key life resource.

CGI/Untouched World Charitable Trust partnership commitment

We commit to raising the health and well-being of the current and future generations by teaching comprehensive awareness programmes for society to use as basic templates for building a better world.Through designing and initiating such programmes, current problems will be solved and future unnecessary ones will be prevented. The practical work on our CGI partnership WaterWise programme will focus on water as a resource for present and future generations. Please visit the Clinton Global Initiative website for full details of the initiative.

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