About Untouched World™

Here at Untouched World™ our ethos is simple. We want to create beautiful, easy wear, easy care pieces you will enjoy for years to come. Pieces that not only make you feel good inside and out, but are also easy on the earth. Quality and sustainability are non-negotiables for us, and we won’t budge on either.

We are the first and only lifestyle fashion company in the world to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability. We achieved this by getting basic things right from the get-go.

We look at every aspect of our business with sustainability in mind. That means considering the total life impact of what we produce, from the sustainably grown fibres we use, to our GOTS certified organic dyes and water based prints, right through to how our team dispose of their banana skins after lunch.

What we leave out of our garments is just as important as what goes in. We look at the total product life cycle and work hard to minimise our water use and maximise recycling and waste recovery. And, while it’s nice to make some money along the way, for us making more profit means more dollars we can channel back into our planet and our people.

Untouched World Sustainable Fashion

A percentage of every Untouched World™ purchase goes directly to the Untouched World™ Foundation (UWF). Set up in 2000, the Foundation delivers ground-breaking programmes for students across New Zealand focused on leadership toward a sustainable future. Engaging and inspiring, the programmes awaken the students’ awareness of how their actions affect the environment. They come away enriched with new knowledge and a renewed value system that they can then share within their community. We are proud to play a role in shaping young leaders who will go on to have a global impact.

To further accelerate the growth of the UWF programmes, Untouched World™ has developed the not for profit ProjectU™, a fun capsule collection from which 100% of profits go to the UWF.

We believe every one person can make a difference... and you don’t need to give up style and luxury to do it!

Click here to learn more about our UWF programmes.

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