Our coveted Kapua™ blend is created by combining the finest of fibres that form the fine downy undercoat of the Brushtail possum (present only during the harshest winter months), with luxurious fine Cashmere and silk.

Our garments and accessories made from this exquisite blend of 40% dehaired Brushtail possum fibre, 40% Cashmere and 20% silk have an incredibly soft handle and are simply bliss to wear – even next to naked skin. They won’t prickle or itch and feel almost weightless to wear, despite being exceptionally warm.

Designed and made with meticulous attention to detail in our workrooms in Christchurch, Kapua™ garments resist pilling, ensuring long lasting luxury. There is only a limited quantity of Kapua™ fibre available, making it very exclusive.

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