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Made from flax plant fibres, our linen garments feel beautiful against skin, stay cool and fresh in hot weather and are also very absorbent. Linen drapes well and develops a soft lustre over time. It is one of the strongest plant fibres, two to three times stronger than cotton, making it very durable. This means garments last longer, which subsequently reduces consumption. Our linen styles are designed to be easy care and many embrace a crinkled look, so the iron can stay in the cupboard.

Flax requires a small fraction of the water that cotton requires and uses very little fertiliser, if any. Flax is a bast fibre, meaning the threads or fibres used to make fabric run the entire length of the stem. Pulling the plant from the ground ensures the longest possible threads (which are called staples). Longer staples mean a stronger, higher-quality fabric. We use only premium quality linen with long staples. In the past the plants were pulled by hand but pulling is mostly done by machine now. Once the plants are pulled, the flax stems must be “retted.” Then after retting, the softened stems are beaten to release the soft linen fibres. There is no complicated chemical process required.

Knack Linen Jacket & Men's Linen Shirt
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