Mountainsilk™ - Fine Machine Washable Merino

Not all Merino is created equal. Much like wine, there’s varying qualities on offer. For us only the crème de la crème will do. Mountainsilk™ is our renowned fine machine washable Merino. It’s created much like a fine wine, with painstaking attention to detail in all technical aspects of its production.

We only use the highest quality sustainable Zque™ certified 18.9 micron Merino, as we believe the happier and healthier the sheep are, the better quality Merino they will produce. Zque™ Merino fibre is backed by an on-farm accreditation, which verifies the highest standard of quality and practice right throughout the supply chain.

From fibre selection and design through to spinning and knitting, every care is taken to ensure each Mountainsilk™ piece we make is of exceptional quality. Designed and carefully constructed to stand the test of time, our Mountainsilk™ garments will not itch or pill and have clever temperature regulating qualities. Mountainsilk™ is also anti-microbial, UV and odour resistant, making it perfect for travel. It is arguably the best fabric on the planet to deliver all day style in easy wear, easy care dressing.

Mountainsilk Stretch™

Mountainsilk™ Stretch is made from Zque* certified sustainable Merino, with the added feature of 5% elastane. Luxuriously soft to wear, Mountainsilk™ Stretch is 225gm, slightly heavier than Mountainsilk™ 185gm.

Mountainsilk™ 260

Mountainsilk™ 260 is a 100% Merino mid-layer knit edition of Mountainsilk™, and like Mountainsilk™, it is made from Zque* certified Merino. Mountainsilk™ 260 garments are cut a little looser than Mountainsilk™ garments so they can be worn as a second layer.


Mountainsilk™ Sport

Mountainsilk™ Sport is a 100% Merino second layer, double ponti knit edition of Mountainsilk™, and like Mountainsilk™ Stretch, it is made from Zque* certified Merino. Mountainsilk™ Sport garments are supremely comfortable, making them the perfect outer layer that you can keep on all day.

The Benefits of Mountainsilk™

  • Temperature Regulating Comfort – Mountainsilk™ quietly works to keep your body in perfect balance, so you don’t need to think about what to wear to suit the weather. In warm surroundings, Mountainsilk™ breathes - keeping you cool and comfortable. When faced with the cold, Mountainsilk™ insulates with ease by trapping air inside the millions of tiny pockets within its unique structure to keep you warm. Mountainsilk™ also keeps you drier for longer as each individual Merino fibre naturally repels water droplets, yet absorbs moisture vapour from your skin to leave you feeling dry and warm. As Merino absorbs moisture vapour, it actually warms up as the result of a chemical reaction. Merino has the ability to absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture and release it into the atmosphere. Even at that level, it feels dry to the touch, keeping you comfortable for longer than other synthetic or natural fibres.
  • Anti-microbial – Merino wool has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties due to the presence of lanolin and keratin, which are natural waxes produced by sheep. This means your garments will stay beautifully fresh for longer, and resist odour, so they won’t get smelly like synthetic fabrics would. Because of this, you can wear them for longer between washes, creating less work for you and being kinder on the environment. It also makes them perfect for travel.
  • Easy care - Gone are the days of time-consuming hand washing and pressing your wardrobe essentials; all Mountainsilk™ garments are machine-washable and with a light steam, any wrinkles magically disappear. As mentioned above, Mountainsilk™ actually needs much less washing than other fabrics - perfect for today’s busy lifestyle.
  • Long lasting - Even the most luxurious Mountainsilk™ garments keep their shape and colour for a lifetime of wear. They resist pilling, so they will stay looking fantastic, wash after wash, year after year.
  • No mulesing - Mulesing is a common practice among sheep farmers to prevent fly strike. It is a surgical procedure done without anaesthetic that involves the removal of skin from the crutch area. As animal welfare is extremely important to us, we only use non-mulesed Merino sheep.
  • Protection - Mountainsilk™ has naturally built-in UV resistance, which not only protects your skin from the sun, but also means it will not fade, even under harsh light conditions. It is naturally fire retardant and safe around a naked flame or intense heat.

What is Zque™ Merino?

Zque™ is an accreditation program that ensures all Merino in Untouched World™ garments is grown to specified animal welfare, environmental, social and economic standards. Our Merino suppliers all adhere to a strict no-mulesing policy as part of ensuring the health and welfare of the sheep. Growers follow guidelines governing soil conservation and the use and development of land, air and water resources.

New Zealand's unique high country environment and farming systems produce Merino fibre renowned for its range of attributes, which give our Untouched World™ Merino garments their distinctive lightness and smoothness to touch. Here in New Zealand, Merino sheep graze on pastures in 'free range' conditions throughout the year. The free range style of farming suits both the high country environment (alpine and sub-alpine grassland) and the hardy Merino breed.

Merino producers have developed the necessary stockmanship often over many generations, to ensure the health and welfare of their sheep and that the productive capacity of their farms is maintained or enhanced, rather than degraded. Merino sheep are farmed in some of the most beautiful alpine and sub alpine grassland areas. To ensure they stay this way for future generations, farmers have developed systems that result in the production of high quality Merino fibre without damage to the environment.

The sustainability of farming is closely linked with the social and economic welfare of farmers, farm workers and communities. The majority of Zque™ Merino fibre is produced in the South Island's high country where farmers and their local communities have developed a distinctive culture of robustness and resilience, while continuing careful stewardship of the land. Zque™ provides a transparent traceability scheme that allows us to identify and track Zque™ fibre back to the farm. This ensures the desired fibre quality is maintained and that product and system integrity is not compromised.

*Certified by the Institute for Marketecology according to the Global Organic Textile Standard

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