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Our passion for sustainability flows through every element of our existence.

In designing products for a sustainable lifestyle, Untouched World™ utilises the research and development nature has done over billions of years. Nature has created the most technologically inspiring solutions for comfort and survival in the most challenging environments. We look to these innovations for clues as to how to create products and materials that have the most extraordinary properties as well as inspiring aesthetics. Nature needs a helping hand to transform raw materials with inspiring innate technology into clothes that are aesthetically uplifting, functional, and respectful to the environment.

Design for sustainability means materials and processes are developed and sourced to give the greatest performance with minimal environmental impact, considering a range of criteria. The company seeks to maximise versatility, durability, and the ability to re-use and recycle. It seeks to minimise the use of toxic chemicals, waste and adverse impacts on biodiversity. We work to progressively optimise the total environmental impact during the lifetime of our products.

In 2007 our proven track record in sustainability was recognised by the United Nations. They acknowledged our efforts by accrediting us, the first clothing company in the world, to use the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainability emblem on our products.

Our CEO, Peri Drysdale, was invited along with Sustainability Education Advisor Dr Barry Law to consult with the United Nations on the outcomes of the Decade for Sustainable Development (UNDESD). They delivered a paper in March 2013. Former US President, Bill Clinton also sought Peri’s contribution on how to improve the world’s environment at the Clinton Global Initiative conferences.

In May 2015, Untouched World was invited to Paris to assist in the setup of the UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development. The UNESCO GAP website recognises Untouched World as one of three global exemplars for empowering and mobilising youth. The Untouched World Foundation offers youth leadership scholarships across four programme sites in New Zealand. Each programme focuses either on water quality, use and availability or the biodiversity of New Zealand's  national bird (Kiwi) and is designed to encourage changes in behaivour and empower youth action for Education for Sustainable Development.

We’re totally committed to improving both our environmental and social impact through our collections and our ongoing  Charitable Trust work.

Our belief is that although we are small in global terms, we can still have a large impact. Our successes simply encourage us to continue to challenge ourselves, to remember that we do have a voice, and know that anything is possible.

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