We are loving: ronald rael & virginia san fratell

What do you get when you combine an igloo and salt? The answer: Saltygloo.

'Saltygloo' by Ronald Rael & Virginia San Fratello

Inspired by the Inuit Igloo, “Saltygloo” was created by pioneering research company Emerging Design, from a combination of salt harvested from the San Francisco Bay and glue – a “salty glue”, which makes an ideal 3D printing material.

'Saltygloo' by Ronald Rael & Virginia San Fratello

'Saltygloo' by Ronald Rael & Virginia San Fratello

Architects Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello founded the company with a vision to create 3D printed architecture, building components and furnishings that can be seen as sustainable, inexpensive, stronger, smarter, recyclable, customizable and perhaps even reparable to the environment. Sounds good to us.


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