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Untouched World™ Projectu™ : new men’s t-shirt ‘BE’ print

"Life can be pretty crazy. Every day, the world is screaming for our attention. For some, it’s a feel-good adrenaline rush. For others it’s a go-getter status symbol. For the rest of us, it can be stressful, tiring and sometimes overwhelming. When the world is attracting and distracting your attention and your to-do list looks more like a book, it is time to ... STOP. Take one step back, stand still, and give yourself a moment to breathe. Find yourself, and just 'BE'. In particular at this time of year, it’s important to take care of your mind. Limit stress and be kind to yourself. Be healthy, be happy, and be you. Find a quiet 'space' in each day to create your own little oasis of calm. Focus on what’s in front of you, find peace in whatever you do, and enjoy every moment."

Our NEW ProjectU™ ‘BE’ print is about being you and being happy. Taking the time just to ‘BE’ in this busy world we live in.

untouched world™ projectu™ : new men’s t-shirt ‘BE’ print

All ProjectU™ tees are made from 100% certified fair trade organic cotton fabric, dyed using an eco-friendly process, and hand screen printed using eco-friendly, water-based inks.

ProjectU™ is a not for profit project by Untouched World™ that supports two great causes. These fabulous tees are made in Kolkata, India, by women who were once marginalised and trapped by poverty and prostitution. Every ProjectU™ tees you purchase helps give these women the support they need to take the next step towards freedom. It also supports the Untouched World™ Charitable Trust, with all profits from sales of ProjectU™ Tees going toward another young adult being placed on one of our UN recognised Untouched World™ Charitable Trust Leadership-for a-Sustainable-Future Programmes. Here is what some of the Untouched World™ Charitable Trust alumni students have to say…

‘The skills, knowledge and actions I have learnt this week will be with me for the rest of my life.’ - Jess Single, Blumine Island.

‘I have learnt that we should only take what we need and no more, and leave as little footprint as possible.’ - Rachel Poulsen, Blumine Island.

‘I now see things differently. We need to protect and nurture the land for the future generations to share, live in and love.’ - Jake Duval-Smith, Waterwise


Shop Men’s ProjectU™ / Shop Women’s ProjectU™ …and feel good in the knowledge your purchase is making a difference in more ways than one.


Learn more about Untouched World™ Charitable Trust…


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