Fashion Revolution

We're blessed to work right alongside many of the beautiful people who make our clothes. Our head office sits just in front of our knitting plant and workrooms, in the garden city of Christchurch, New Zealand. We're a tight knit bunch and everyone in the company stops work to come together once a week to share news and celebrate the good stuff.

We enjoy shared lunches together on a regular basis and many staff take up the extra 15 minutes of lunch break that's on offer if it's used to go for a walk. We're pretty keen on keeping ourselves fit and healthy, and to be fair we've come to need the extra exercise. We have some fabulous bakers among us that treat us to tasty morning teas a tad too often. You're probably getting the sense that our working conditions are pretty rosy. And you'd be right. The number of staff that have been with us for well over 10 years is testament to that.

I Made Your Clothes

We can't always make everything in house, so we work with other manufacturers in New Zealand, and occasionally off shore. The one thing we're pretty staunch about is we'll only work with people who share the same values and ethics we do. They must allow us unchaperoned or unscheduled visits, so we can be sure they provide fair working conditions for their employees.

ProjectU Production

Our Project U™ Organic Cotton Tees for example, are made in Kolkata, India, by women who were once marginalised and trapped by poverty and prostitution. Every ProjectU™ Tee you purchase helps give these women the support they need to take the next step toward freedom. It also helps fund our Untouched World™ Charitable Trust, which runs 'Leadership for a Sustainable Future programmes' for young people, because all profits from our Project U™ range go toward funding the Trust.

We get that it's important to you that when you purchase Untouched World™ you want to be sure you're buying quality that doesn't come at the cost of the earth or people's happiness.



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