Chair's Statement

Untouched World CEO Peri Drysdale

"Back in 1981 when I established Snowy Peak Ltd, the parent company of Untouched World™, New Zealand was largely a primary industry farming based economy.

Snowy Peak pioneered the development of luxury knitwear using New Zealand’s finest natural fibres such as merino, super fine mohair and cashmere. Snowy Peak garments made in New Zealand were sold in Australasia, North America, Europe and Asia.

I became concerned as I travelled around the world with my suitcase of knitwear samples, that the planet was unable to support the current trajectory of growth. Already whole tracts of ocean were so polluted that they no longer supported life of any kind; indigenous peoples were being made homeless by climatic effects of the relentless harvesting of forests and entire wildlife habitats were disappearing.

The western world was focussed on GDP growth at any cost, while the third world struggled to survive. The world was clearly interdependent, yet recognition of these issues and more so, action to reverse the direction in which we were all headed was slow to come. So what could be done about it?

From the establishment of Snowy Peak Ltd in 1981, long before the word ‘sustainability’ was used or heard in a business context, our philosophy has been to provide a platform for growth of the human spirit based on a foundation of environmental sustainability and renewal. It would be easy to say ‘the problem is too big for me’ and leave the challenge for our children and their children to deal with. I knew however that every one person, every one organisation can make a difference."

Peri Drysdale, Untouched World™ Charitable Trust Chair.

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