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The partnership approach used within our programmes for Untouched World™ Charitable Trust projects has led to collaboration with the United Nations, business, teachers, pre-service training universities and community leaders. These partnerships have resulted in new perspectives on how to inspire and equip young adults to both maximise their own potential and lead the way in achieving a sustainable future.

Our partners continue to grow in line with new programme developments. Key partner acknowledgements internationally from UNESCO GAP are augmented by a core partnership with the Department of Conservation along with a wide variety of local collaborations close to our various geographic sites around New Zealand.

KIWI FOREVER Programmes (Blumine Island; Tongariro):

WATERWISE Programmes (Canterbury; Otago):

We would like to thank all our national and local programme partners for their vital, ongoing contribution to the work of the UWCT.

Untouched World Charitable Trust Partnerships
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