Your password

When you register for a shopping account with Untouched World™, you are required to choose a password which will allow you to access your account, view your order history, update your personal details and change your mailing preferences. To change your password at any time, simply log in by clicking on the 'log in' button in the top right hand corner of every page, and then click on the 'my account' button - also in the top right hand corner of every page. All you need to do is type over your existing password, then confirm it by re-entering it in the next field, and click the 'update' button.

Automatically Generated Passwords

If you make a purchase from Untouched World™ without registering for a shopping account first, we'll email you an automatically generated password with your order confirmation. To change this password to one of your own choosing, simply log in as above with the password we have emailed to you and go to your 'account profile' page by clicking on 'your account' in the top right hand corner. Type over the existing password with your chosen password, and then confirm it, and click on the 'update' button. Your password will have changed.

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