World Leaders in Sustainable Fashion

World Leaders in Sustainable Fashion

World Leaders in Sustainable Fashion

Every day we strive for a better tomorrow, using fashion as an agent for change. So it’s a great honour that we announce we have won a Common Objective Top 10 Award for 2022! Common Objective is an international fashion industry network with around 50,000 members. The CO10 is a prestigious award recognising just ten leaders who are at the forefront of sustainable practice.

The CO awards are open to all businesses operating in the fashion industry, regardless of size or location, so we were up against some pretty big players, such as Ted Baker and Kering, the parent company of Gucci.

Over 1,900 inspirational businesses applied for a Common Objective Award. From there, 32 companies were shortlisted for the CO10. Then it was up to a panel of fashion heavyweights, including British GQ Editor, Dylan Jones, Head of Couture at Vivienne Westwood, Brigitte Stepputis, and British Fashion Council Chief Executive, Caroline Rush, to cast their vote and decide on the final ten.

We are honored to stand amongst other amazing winners; Eileen Fisher, Tentree, Elvis & Kresse, Komodo, Dibella India, Global Green, Koco, Moral Fibre and Sasha Association for Craft Producers, who are setting standards for sustainable fashion across the globe.

Described by judges as ‘a pioneer in best practice’ our founder and CEO, Peri, says that while it’s a humbling moment, she’s most proud of the way the industry as whole is changing. “When we look at the other winners and finalists, we can see that sustainability in the fashion industry is finally shifting from tactics to table stakes, which is fantastic news for both people and the planet”.

Sustainability has and always will be an intrinsic part of Untouched World and we can’t wait to show you what’s to come as we continue creating and innovating for you and mother earth, while inspiring others to do the same.