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At Untouched World our ethos is ‘less is more'. When it comes to waste, it's ‘less is less'. It's why we've poured years of thought into designing clothes that not only endure, but also generate almost zero waste.

But we know we can ALWAYS do better…

That's why our super talented team decided to see how far we could push the envelope. To see whether we could make something special out of the small amount of gorgeous fabric we have leftover.

After months of hard thought and playing fabric tetris our Zero Waste Kids Collection was born, proving to ourselves that not only can we do more to prevent waste from entering our landfills but we can deliver the same quality clothes for our little ones.

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Untouched World Kids - Summer Collection

Long Lasting Less Consumption

Growing up is exhausting. From playtime on the floor to running around outside, our little bundles of energy put their wardrobes through their paces and before you know it, they've already grown out of them and it's time to be discarded.

That's why this collection was designed for the long haul, so garments can be passed on to younger siblings, friends or perhaps the next generation. Each style is timeless, and is made from hard wearing, long lasting, easy-care machine washable natural fibres with no nasties.

Smart Designs Zero Waste

When creating our adults garments, our clever designers utilise almost every inch of fabric, and they always do their best to try and use any leftover fabric, but the reality is they can't use it all up every time. And sometimes we get to the end of a roll of fabric or a ball of yarn and there's still a little sliver of perfectly usable, premium quality material just begging to be loved.

So what better way to make use of these gorgeous fibres than some cosy treasures for our little ones?

It takes a LOT of time and effort to curate these wee creations, but we think it's worth it.

Untouched World Kids - Summer Collection

Small Treasures

For every Zero Waste Kid's garment sold, we'll donate a Mountainsilk™ Baby Beanie to the neonatal unit, to give a helping hand to our smallest friends.

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