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Sustainable Manufacturing

We understand how important it is for you to be able to easily identify where our garments have been manufactured, with the assurance that any garments not made right here on our premises are produced with the same cultural, environmental and social sustainability values that we live by.

Almost everything in our Untouched World™ collections are produced here in New Zealand, mostly in the South Island. A very small percentage is produced overseas, like our Organic Cotton pieces, as we don't grow cotton here in New Zealand. We take a hands-on approach to selecting all our manufacturing partners to ensure they meet our strict social and environmental standards. We only work with companies that allow us unchaperoned and unannounced personal visits with access to all of their staff at any time. It's our mission to make a positive difference in the world, and ethical, fair trade practices that are ecologically sound is non-negotiable for us.

New Zealand

We're like a family here at Untouched World™. Many of us have worked together for years, and spend as much time with each other as we do with our loved ones! We are passionate about what we do and we hope that shines through in our stores and each piece we create.

Almost everything we produce are made here in New Zealand, both within our own facility, and contracted out to other garment makers. We're very selective about our partnerships - it's a relationship and we must share the same values and beliefs or it just won't work. Every facility we work with meets or exceeds all of New Zealand's employment laws and regulations. Our New Zealand employees have a legal right to employment agreements, holidays, privacy, wages, human rights, parental leave and other employment matters. All New Zealanders have access to free health care, as well as personal insurance cover for work and non-work injuries through the Accident Compensation Corporation scheme.

As an employer, we are required to maintain safe working environments and abide by the Resource Management Act in New Zealand. This protects our environment by promoting the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.

Untouched World™ team members also enjoy a number of additional benefits. These include a special time allowance during the day to go out for a walk; staff purchasing privileges; complimentary flu injections or an alternative homeopathic preventative; the opportunity to represent their department on the company spirit team, and an 'open door' policy for access to our CEO.



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Project U™

Our ProjectU™ tees are made in Kolkata, India, by women who were once marginalized and trapped by poverty and prostitution. Women are trained with new skills as a way out of a profession they never chose in the first place. They are empowered with the life-skills needed to once again discover freedom for themselves and their families. The women are paid around twice the going rate for an equivalent job elsewhere, and as part of their employment package have health insurance and a pension plan. They are employed full-time to ensure access to health insurance entitlements.

All the profits from our ProjectU™ Collection go to the Untouched World™ Charitable Trust, so you are supporting two great causes when you purchase our ProjectU™ Tees.

Find more out about the Untouched World™ Charitable Trust.