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The clothing and textiles industry is predominantly built off a model of over-production to feed over-consumption and accumulate mass profit, disregarding the impacts on the people and the planet. The use of synthetic materials and harmful dyes release toxic substances back into the earth and the air. The industry generates a staggering 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, which is higher than all emissions from international and maritime shipping combined.

Untouched World™ does things differently. We utilise the research and development nature has done over billions of years. Nature has created the most technologically inspiring solutions for comfort and survival in the most challenging environments. We look to these innovations for clues as to how to create products and materials that have the most extraordinary properties as well as inspiring aesthetics. Nature needs a helping hand to transform raw materials with innate technology into clothes that are aesthetically uplifting, functional, and respectful to the environment.

In 2007 our proven track record in sustainability was recognised by the United Nations. They acknowledged our efforts by accrediting us, the first clothing company in the world, to use the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainability emblem on our products.

Slow and Steady

Instead of having 52 micro-seasons a year, we produce just two: Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. This means far less production and waste. This also gives us extra time to create high quality garments with meticulous attention to detail so the clothes you purchase will actually last for years, or even a lifetime, which is better for you and better for the planet.

Seasons Will Pass

Not only are our fabrics durable, but most work well in many weather conditions. Fibres like Merino and TENCEL™ react to the temperature of your body, helping your body to breathe in warm weather, or keep you warm in the cold. This makes them ideal for any day of the year, meaning you don't have to drastically change your wardrobe each season.

The Circle of Life

From the start to the end of their life, we choose fibres that have minimal impact on the planet. We look at the entire lifecycle of fabrics, from seed to decomposition, to choose fibres that have minimal impact on the planet. We use fabrics like ZQ™ certified Merino, Organic Cotton and Ecopossum™, which are ethically and sustainably sourced and decompose easily at the end of their lifespan, returning valuable nutrients back into the soil from once they came.

You Are What You Wear

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. The skin is the largest organ on the body. Wearing garments that are made from synthetic fibres, filled with toxic chemicals and unnatural dyes all day, every day slowly leeches these chemicals into your body and can cause rashes and other health problems. Choosing to wear natural fibres which have been grown sustainably without chemicals can even benefit your skin and do what clothes are meant to do: protect you.

Keep it Local

We are proudly 96% New Zealand made, with the majority of our garments made right here in our Christchurch workrooms. This not only supports our local community, but reduces our carbon footprint on transport emissions. The 4% of garments that are sourced offshore are made with the same care and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on. We also ensure that they are made ethically and sustainably from partners who share the same values as us.

Giving Back

We have extended our reach beyond fashion, giving back to the community. Our Project U collection funds two great causes. These pieces are made from women in India who have escaped a life of poverty and prostitution to enjoy a living wage and healthy work environments. The profits made from these garments are then channeled into the Untouched World Foundation, which gives students the opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge to become leaders for a sustainable future.

We’re totally committed to improving both our environmental and social impact through our collections and our ongoing Charitable Trust work.

Our belief is that although we are small in global terms, we can still have a large impact. Our successes simply encourage us to continue to challenge ourselves, to remember that we do have a voice, and know that anything is possible.