What we’re made of: A deep dive into our fabrics

What we’re made of: A deep dive into our fabrics

By now, it goes without saying that our fabrics are a huge part of who we are as a brand. They reflect our commitment to nature, our resolve to create long-lasting clothes, and our determination to set the standard for both comfort and style. We love to shine the spotlight on the wonderful, planet- and people-friendly fabrics that we source, so let us give you a tour of the fabrics in our AW24 lineup.


Airewool™ is a beautiful lightweight yet resilient fabric that is made from 100% Merino. It is specially milled and the finished look and feel of the fabric is a felted wool effect which makes it both wind and water resistant. It’s moisture wicking and will retain its strength and shape well, plus it has all the benefits of Merino, which you can discover below.

The finer details: Our Airewool™ is sourced from Vietnam and to keep it looking great this fabric is dry clean only.


This fabric is truly an all-rounder. It’s made from 50% Merino and 50% TENCEL™ which, when blended together, create a soft, fine gauge knit fabric that you can wear year-round. But that’s not all. CoolTree™ is moisture-wicking, naturally breathable and elastic, and anti-wrinkle, all of which helps you feel cool and comfortable and stay looking elegantly put together. As ever, we consider the environmental factors of every fibre too. Our Merino is sourced from ZQRX™ accredited Glenthorne Station in New Zealand and our TENCEL™ fibre is produced by Lenzing in Austria from sustainably grown forests.

The finer details: Each CoolTree™ piece is ethically made in Vietnam by a talented team who are paid a living wage. To keep the pieces they make looking great, use a wool detergent and set the machine to a cool gentle wash.


When it was first developed in 1992, possum became arguably the first new natural fibre to be used in textiles in over 100 years, and it was Untouched World who knitted the first ever possum garment. From this early iteration, our CEO Peri then undertook extensive research and worked on developing a higher quality possum/merino blend which had a softer, superior finish, which we now know as Ecopossum™. Because of this, we are credited by Wools of New Zealand for establishing the possum industry, a crucial way to control the population (which isn’t native to New Zealand) as possums leave native species without vegetation, strip forests bare, eat the eggs of endangered birds, and prey on rare species.

As well as tackling the natural threat possums pose, we also wanted to create a beautiful natural material, so we mixed Brushtail Possum fibre with 50% Merino and 10% Mulberry Silk. The possum fibre has a hollow structure meaning it's uniquely warm without being bulky, and it also has no scales which makes it resistant to pilling. The Merino and Silk, meanwhile, add softness, breathability, and durability.

The finer details: All garments made from Ecopossum™ carry an assurance of quality from farm to finished garment. We recommend washing them separately in cold water using a mild detergent. Treat the material gently while washing and dry flat in the shade.


EcoTree™ is a luxurious blend of TENCEL™, ZQ Certified Merino and premium possum. It’s soft and breathable and it’s also pill-resistant which is great for longevity. The same care we give to sourcing our other TENCEL™, ZQ Certified Merino and possum fibres applies here but for the AW24 we have left this specific blend undyed so the natural pumice tone can shine.

The finer details: Hand wash separately in cold water using a mild wool detergent. Squeeze gently when washing, do not scrub the surfaces. It can be spun in the washing machine to drain but dry naturally, lying flat and in the shade.

Merino Wool

This is a true signature fibre for Untouched World. It’s odour resistant, wrinkle-resistant, temperature regulating, comfortable and incredibly soft. And it's regenerative too, meaning that it can be safely returned to the earth where it will release valuable nutrients back into the soil. We use a whole host of Merino fabrics including regenerative ZQRX accredited Merino from New Zealand. This season we’ve added a rock print scarf which has been ethically made in China by a manufacturer which is WRAP Gold, GRS, and BSCI certified.

The finer details: Each of our Merino fibres need slightly different treatment, but for our new season scarf, use a cool hand wash with wool detergent.


This is a premium blend for AW24. All the benefits of the separate fibres apply here but when blended some further benefits arise including the ability to make the Ecopossum™ heavier for a cosier, more luxurious feel. In addition, the presence of Merino also adds depth to the colour and creates a textural, flecked effect which we love.

The finer details: Hand wash separately in cold water with a mild wool detergent. Handle gently when washing and rinse well in cold water before drying flat in the shade. Reshape where needed.


Our mohair blend is wonderfully light and springy, perfect for cosy layering during winter months. The yarn is spun in China through a Japanese company from a mix of 60% Mohair and 40% Silk, so it’s soft on the skin and easy on the earth. Our garments are lovingly knitted in New Zealand in our own workrooms in Christchurch. 

Mountainsilk™, Mountainsilk™ Sport, and Mountainsilk™ Stretch

Merino is the hero fibre of all of our Mountainsilk™ materials, used for its breathability and temperature regulating qualities. Original Mountainsilk™ is our renowned machine washable 100% Merino made from only the finest ZQRX Merino, sourced from Glenthorne Station. Mountainsilk™ Sport is also 100% Merino, but it is crafted in a heavier sweatshirt weight, ideal as an outer layer for all day wear. Mountainsilk™ Stretch is slightly heavier than the original and it features 5% elastane for added stretch and recovery. All Mountainsilk™ garments are great for more active days, as the fibres naturally keep you fresh, protect skin from the sun, and keep you cool.

The finer details: All Mountainsilk™ materials can be machine washed on a wool cycle using liquid wool detergent, but avoid fabric softener. Wash lights and darks separately and dry flat in the shade.

Pertex® Eco and Ecodown Fill

These two recycled materials go hand in hand. Pertex® Eco is made from 100% recycled polyester derived from post consumer recycled PET bottles or fabrics. It’s lightweight, yet durable and tear resistant as well as being windproof and water repellent. As we’ve used this recycled material to make quilted outerwear, we’ve filled them with ECODOWN, a 100% recycled filling made from PET bottles.

The finer details: Although these recycled materials are sturdy, it’s always best to take care with your garments. Use a mild detergent and gently hand wash in cool water.

Repurposed and deadstock materials

For AW24, we’ve welcomed some pre-consumer repurposed fabrics into our collection. The first is Regenerated Denim which is made from waste fibres generated during the initial weaving process. These scraps are collected from local garment factories, sorted, and shredded into fibres to be spun into new yarns. Alongside the denim, we have Repurposed Wool and Textured Wool. Both are deadstock fabrics sourced from Wall Fabrics in New Zealand.

The finer details: These special fabrics are dry clean only. Use a green dry cleaner wherever possible.

Total Easy Care Merino

The clue’s in the name. This is Merino that can be safely machine washed and is easy to care for. A super soft 100% ZQRX accredited Merino from Glenthorne Station, it’s slightly heavier than our other machine washable, Merino Mountainsilk™, making it perfect for beanies, scarves, gloves, and sweaters, but it has all the same qualities and benefits.

The finer details: Wash your TEC garments regularly, inside out on a wool cycle, after the first few wears to maintain its optimum appearance.

Water Repellent Organic Cotton Canvas

Our Water Repellent Organic Cotton Canvas is designed to be worn in a light shower, without looking like typical rainwear. We use GOTS certified cotton, which means the cotton is grown and processed in ethical conditions, by people who are paid fair wages, in a manner that protects the environment and cares for the soil, without toxic chemicals. It is finished with Ruco Dry-Eco, which is bluesign approved, GOTS approved, certified under OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and ZDHC MRSL compliant (it does not use restricted substances).

The finer details: Our canvas is sourced from the GOTS-certified company, Ecological Textiles. All of their cotton woven fabrics are produced in Turkey, which is known for its high-quality cotton and where GMO is forbidden. To care for your water repellent pieces, gently hand wash them in cool water using a mild detergent. Do not dry clean as this can dissolve the water repellent finish.


Wool has been used for millennia for good reason. It is renewable, natural, durable, and incredibly warm. And it’s not just warm because it’s thick and cosy - it doesn’t absorb water, the air pockets in the fibre offer insulation, and the structure of the fibre traps heat against the body. And as it’s completely natural it will break down at the end of its life and feed the soil with valuable nutrients.

The finer details: We source these versatile wool fabrics from Auckland. It is dry clean only.

To see the fabrics in action, explore our full AW24 collection.