Autumn/Winter '24

Where Whispers Become Echoes

Nature, in all its grandeur, teaches us an enduring lesson about the transformative power of time. As the seasons and elements sculpt the landscape, we witness a profound yet peaceful sense of change. Human creations, just like the Earth's majestic formations, have the capacity to grow old gracefully.

Picture the intricate weaves and patterns that mimic nature's playground, found in the refined textures of Castle Hill's rocks. From smooth surfaces to subtle nuances, every detail is considered, refined.

These towering rocks have stood still for decades, weathering the storms, witnessing the dance of sunlight and shadow. Yet, their magnificence hasn't diminished; instead, it has deepened. In a world that often glorifies the new and the novel, there's a quiet strength that comes with age.

From this inspiration we created our Autumn/Winter '24 Collection.

Autumn/Winter '24

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Castle Hill, known as "Kura Tawhiti" in Māori, is a place of great spiritual and cultural importance for the Ngāi Tahu iwi, the local Māori tribe. It is considered a wāhi tapu (sacred site), and its landscapes are imbued with ancestral and mythological significance.

Histories indicate that in Waitaha times the Castle Hill area was called 'Te Kōhanga' or 'Birthplace of the Gods' and was of astronomical prominence as a key 'observatory' for predicting the coming seasons and weather.

The area is renowned for its unique limestone rock formations, which have been shaped by weathering over millions of years. These colossal limestone boulders, some of which resemble castle ruins, contribute to the distinctive and captivating scenery of castle hill.