What is circular fashion?

What is circular fashion?

Picture this: a world where every stitch, every fibre, and every stroke of artistic genius does not merely cease to exist after you are finished with your clothing. Instead, this garment was designed to embark on a timeless journey of renewal and rebirth. This is the essence of the Circular Economy.

At Untouched World, we have been working for over 40 years to create timeless garments that stand the test of time. We have seen brands come and go. New sustainability initiatives rise and fall. The deeply rooted injustice of the fashion industry become more pervasive and vaster.

Through all of this we know and believe that big problems, need bigger solutions. Our journey towards zero waste and building a circular economy is one that we are running after.

What is Circular Economy?

In our current economy, we take materials from the Earth, make products from them, and eventually throw them away as waste – the process is linear. In a circular economy, by contrast, we stop waste being produced in the first place.

The circular economy is a system where materials never become waste and nature is regenerated. In a circular economy, products and materials are kept in circulation through processes like maintenance, reuse, refurbishment, remanufacture, recycling, and composting. This is the promise of a circular lifecycle and is an assurance that each piece remains not just a one off but an enduring statement of sustainability.

A Pledge to the Future: Our Commitment to Circular Excellence

The fashion industry consumes over 100 billion m3 of water annually and emits more than 1 billion tons of CO2. It produces over 92 million metric tons of textile waste every year.

Every piece of clothing that we wear has passed through the hands of an incredible amount of people to make it, from growing fabrics, knitting, carding, weaving, making dyes, cutting, sewing, quality control. There are hundreds of people involved in the product of our clothing. We are incredibly intentional about our responsibility in creating things that are made to last. We are committed to lead this movement.

Our commitment to the Circular Economy is not just a choice; it is a pledge to the generations that follow. By embracing responsible creation, we ensure that the legacy of luxury we leave behind is one of enduring beauty, both in form and in conscience.

We’ve started with our Rubbish Socks, our recycled merino blend made from our own scraps from our knitting production, once destined for landfills, are reborn as high-quality yarn. Recycled Merino blend breathes new life into discarded materials, reducing waste and conserving precious resources.

In the next couple of months we are excited to share with you our sustainability report, which will outline our commitments and planned progression in these areas.

Let’s get more circular

Better Choices: Make informed choices by supporting brands who are transparent about their commitment to circular business practices. Check to see whether they have any certifications – for example, we are a certified B Corp and we source our wool from a ZQ certified farm.

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Better Learning: Free seven-week course on circular economy from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation here.

Better Switch: Discover our Rubbish Socks – SHOP NOW. You can discover Ethically Kate showing us how to wear them and our factory offcuts saved from landfill here.