Made to Nurture

Made to Nurture

Made to Nurture

To a baby, every experience is new – every taste, every texture, every colour, every face, every smell and every sound. Each moment is full of abundant opportunities to explore and learn. We want to give our littlest humans the best start to their journey on earth, so we’ve created a collection of garments that will nurture them through the first few years of life, whether they’re snoozing or playing.

From snug beanies and booties to cuddly blankets and knits, our new baby collection maximises comfort without compromising practicality or aesthetics. Lovingly designed by an Untouched World mother, these pieces are thoughtfully made to last and to endure all that babies will throw at them, while being as gentle on their sensitive skin as they are on the earth that they will grow up on.


We've chosen to craft this collection entirely from merino. This miracle fibre offers countless benefits for both the wearer and the environment. Aiming towards zero-waste, the Mountainsilk merino pieces are made from the offcuts from our adult collection. Mountainsilk is a fine machine washable merino that is incredibly soft and silky against the skin. The other pieces in the collection are knitted from our Total Easy Care Merino, which are a little chunkier than Mountainsilk for a touch more cosiness.

We source only the highest quality merino, from ZQ certified, Glenthorne Station, as we believe the happier and healthier the sheep are, the better quality merino they will produce. Merino is an entirely regenerative fibre, from the start to end of its life. Sheep grow a new fleece every year, and at the end of its life, it will happily return to the earth, restoring natural nutrients to the soil.

Our merino garments are perfect for babies as they do not itch or pill and have clever temperature regulating properties. When it is cold, merino will insulate and when it is warm it breathes, to keep your little one comfortable in any temperature. It’s also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial to keep the garment fresh and requires less washing, leaving you with more precious cuddle time. Merino is also UV resistant and naturally fire retardant, to keep them safe and sound.

We all want what’s best for our smallest humans, so it only seems fitting to nurture them in natural, organic clothing that will be good for them and their future.

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