Sustainable Design

We take a holistic approach to sustainable design. It's woven well into our DNA. Doing right by people and the planet is just business as usual for us. We know sustainability is a journey, so we strive for progress, not perfection, and we the hope the small changes we make along the way, will make big impact one day.

We begin by selecting fibres and fabrics that are easy on the earth. Then we thoughtfully design each piece for maximal use and for minimal waste. Our amazing makers enjoy a caring, fun and supportive working environment, benefiting from little extras like sunshine breaks throughout the day and an extended lunch break so they can go for a walk. In the summer months, we offer outdoor qi gong classes to help ease any stress and improve focus, and we regularly find excuses to bring our whole team together for morning tea or lunch.

It's important to us that we produce our collections in a way that cares for you and the earth. We want our garments to last, to be cherished for years, and to be passed down through generations.

Better for you and the planet.

Instead of having 52 micro-seasons a year, we produce just two meaningful collections: Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. Choosing slow fashion minimises our production and waste, giving us extra time to focus on each piece perfectly. Our unrivalled quality means our garments will last for years, even decades, which is a win for you and Mother Earth.

Form Meets Function

We combine minimal design with nature's finest fibres to ensure our garments look as good as they feel. But looks mean nothing if our garments don't perform. Before our garments even hit the shelves, our team of in-house wear testers put them through their paces to ensure everything meets our high quality standards.

The Circle of Life

We consider the entire lifecycle, from seed to decomposition, and opt for natural fabrics and fibres that age gracefully and go easy on the planet.

We use ethically and sustainably sourced fabrics like ZQ™ certified merino, organic cotton and Ecopossum™ that will naturally return to the earth and break down without contributing to landfill. Wool takes as little as three to four months to decompose, while organic cotton can take up to six months to decompose. A mere heartbeat in time when compared to synthetic fabrics, which can take anywhere from 30 to 500 years to decompose.

Keeping it Local

We are proudly 94% New Zealand made, with the majority of our garments made right here in our Christchurch workrooms. This not only supports our local community, but reduces our carbon footprint on transport emissions.

The 6% of garments that are sourced offshore are made with the same care and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on. We ensure that anything with our name on it is made ethically and sustainably by partners who share the same values we do.

Waste Not Want Not

We don't like to waste a thing and our design team are masters at minimising waste. When we do end up with small bits of waste, we make sure they're put to good use. Offcuts from our wool and possum garments are sent to be recycled into home insulation, and any fine merino fabric left over is turned into teeny beanies for babies in neonatal. We also use offcuts from our adult collections to create fun, zero waste collections for kids.