The key to conscious consumerism

The key to conscious consumerism

Sustainability without transparency is just a word...

As consumers, we’re becoming more aware of our social and environmental responsibility, but at a time when sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips, it can be difficult to spot genuine from greenwashing.

We are proud to be one of only six companies internationally and the only business in the Southern Hemisphere to pilot the Know Your Stuff platform. We’re showing full transparency of our products so you know exactly what you’re buying and to encourage better practices in the fashion industry.

Know Your Stuff is a platform that empowers consumers to make conscious decisions about the clothing they buy. As a way of guaranteeing that garments have been sustainably made, Know Your Stuff works with brands to gather and verify information on each step in their supply chain. This is then stored digitally for customers to see, a little window into how your garment came to be. A quick scan of the QR code on the garment tag and you can see a garment’s entire journey, from fibre to spinning, and right through production, to understand what your garment is made of and how it was made.

From individual fibres through the yarn and the fabric to tailoring and sewing: when you scan the QR code, know your stuff provides you with complete information about the story of the creation of your favourite piece of clothing.

We are launching the platform with three pieces so you can follow the journey of these garments. Check out the video below to see how easy it is.


The soul of every garment. Is it natural? Derived from animals or plants, or processed using cutting-edge technologies to meet specific performance needs know your stuff provides comprehensive information about the fibres and their origin.


In this step, your fibres are spun or twisted into the first component of your future garment. From traditional techniques to cutting-edge technology, the spinning process is the foundation of the future textile product.

Scan the QR code to learn where this step in producing your garment took place. Get to know the people who made the yarn for your clothing.


Knitting and weaving: these are just some of the techniques used to finally create your fabric. Would you like to know what technique was used to make the fabric for your piece of clothing – and more importantly, who made it?

Scan the QR code and take a journey through the production process of your clothing.

Garment manufacturing

The most labour-intensive steps in clothing production are when it’s sewn together in your style and size, as well as when the buttons and zippers are added.

Scan the QR code to find out what the working conditions and ecological parameters involved in your clothes’ production and that they meet the high standards of social and ecological manufacturing.